Provence Fragrance
  • Fragrance Perfume-Coronav... Tea tree essential oil According to legend, leaves fallen over the years have macerated in the heart of a lagoon with healing power. This sacred place would then have provided the tea tree shrub with surprising therapeutic properties, making the happiness of the Bundjalungs, Australian aboriginal people. Used for tho... 10 views
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  • Fragrance Perfume-Compagn... This collection of home fragrances is a notebook of olfactory memories of Provence. Under an apparent simplicity, this Laurier Rose diffuser combines glass craftsmanship and perfume of excellence with essential oils created in Grasse. WE love :- its design and elegant bottle, a real decorative object that adorns any interior- its unique fragrance enriched with essential oils of lemo... 5 views
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  • Treasures of Provence-Lau... This collection of home fragrances is a book of olfactory and chromatic souvenirs from Provence. Under an apparent simplicity, this diffuser combines glassmaking expertise and perfume of excellence with essential oils created in Grasse. Contains a 250ml fragrance diffuser and a bundle of 8 rattan sticks. Perfume The oleanders of Mediterranean gardens have inspired this elegant fra... 1 view
  • Fragrance Perfume-Avignon... The Rhone and Saone Rivers meander through the idyllic South of France, famed for its wine and cuisine as well as heritage treasures. Cruise on the popular Avignon to Lyon route to experience the lands that inspired Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin. Destination highlights on the route include Arles, Tournon, Viviers, Tarascon and many more. Major cruise lines all offer this itinerary and River Cruis... 1 view